Year 3 Review Integration Roadmap (C4A)

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  • Lobby:
    • Support for new payloads <MM Teams + Antranig>:
      • Architecture team: 17/11 (behind schedule - expected in 27/11)
      • RBMM: 17/11
      • STMM: 17/11.
    • Instructions for setting up a C4A desktop icon(with C4A logo on it)
    • Mouse should have mouse trails for the lobby scenario <CLAUDIA> (pending merged into review3 on 13.01.2015).
    • Decision on which matchmaker to use + integration <MM Teams>
    • Chrome Extension - Full integration incl. settingshandler <JAVI, GUTI> 8/12
      • Extension with server is working on the extension side
      • Settings handlers / full integration <JAVI>
      • Test it with the exact review scenario; with Vladimir, rule based MM, other solutions installed as well <GUTI>
    • Definition of NP set <MM Teams>
    • Installation instructionsfor the machine <Christophe> (Windows) (No instructions for Linux needed since we will be using Javi's computer for the Linux part of the demo.)
      • Architecture install instructions: 18/11 <Delayed - will be ready with fireball branch, Nov. 27>
      • Instructions 3rd party <Christophe>
      • Persistent icon on Windows desktop to indicate that GPII is installed <Christophe>. 04/12: icon created: download icon (cannot be uploaded to the wiki).
    • PCP/FM integration <Kasper + Alex> 21/11 <Delayed, expected 15/12>
    • User feedback mechanism (formerly known as "rating system") <Christophe, Claudia, Gregg>
      • Discussion and presentation for the review:
        • Try different
        • Users should actively decide to provide feedback
        • supplementation with textual feedback from users
      • Will be discussed at the PCP/PMT meeting on 20/11, 16:00 CET
      • Designs ready for the review meeting <Christophe> - 9/12
        • This will require no implementation
  • TV:
    • DTV integration <DTV team, Javi>
      • Implementation is in place for current core architecture
      • Testing with updated architecture on android in general: 21/11
      • Integrating the updated arch on the TV: 28/11 <Pending update from Tomas>
      • Need to check the exact review scenario (with ST MM and Vladimir token) <TOMAS>: status on 16 January 2014 (from Thomas).
  • Ticket Vending:
  • Subway: 8/12


  • Create tokenSupport for new payloads <MM Teams + Antranig> <see above>
  • The device reporter for this entire scenario should be the same for the windows machine they walk up to <CLAUDIA/NICK>
  • Chris scenario:
    • Ensure the RB MM supports screen resolution <CLAUDIA/NICK>
    • Test scenario with final setup <CLAUDIA/NICK>
  • Li Scenario:
    • Magnification factor should be set in supernova <CLAUDIA/NICK>
    • Test scenario with final setup <CLAUDIA/NICK>
  • Franklin Scenario:
    • Get RWG settings for claudia <CHRISTOPHE>
    • Ensure that scenario runs <CLAUDIA/NICK>
  • Chris and Li (Android)
    • Need to update the CB flowmanager on IDRC server <AVTAR/ALFREDO>
    • Ferran should test MA with the chris and li users that it works according to scenario <FERRAN>
  • Figure out mechanism for "RESET" tag <KASPER>
  • Definition of scenarios <Gregg> 12/11
  • Definition of MM to use <MM teams>
  • MM Dispatching <Andy> see above
  • Definition of NP sets <MM teams>
  • Installation instructions<Christophe>: 24/11
  • Afternoon scenario:
    • Context-aware server implementation <GUILLEM> - 1/12
    • Implement FM part of the CAS <KASPER>
    • Create hard-coded NP sets for li on the two devices <ANDRES>
    • MMM integration <ANDRES>
    • Automatic generation of conditions in the MMM <ANDRES>
  • Ensure brailleLine works <Kasper, Ferran, Javi>: 26/11
    • It works with Codefactory's Mobile Accessibility for Android


  • Decide on the AT will be integrated - Virtual Magnifying Glass (
    • Ensure that this works for the GPII auto-personalization/integration -
    • Ensure that this is enterable in the SAT <NICK>
    • Run through scenario end-to-end and check that everything is working <NICK>
  • Ensure that SAT can export to solutions registry
  • Installer for Windows <Thanos, Steve Hens>
    • Describe how/where to include PMT/PCP code <Kostas, Kasper> 24/11
    • Add link to installer from the "how to set up your development environment" wiki <Thanos> - 12/11
    • Include PMT/PCP in installer and update Ignacios instructions <Thanos> - 08/12
      • Update 13.01.2015: keep PMT and PCP outside the installer (i.e. as long as there is no viable Node.js server to host these tools)? See the thread on the Architecture list.
  • Localization tool <Thanos>
    • Details on scenario
    • Compatibility with Bing <14/11> <expected 15/12>
    • Support for JSON <28/11> non critical <expected 15/12>



MM Status

See Matchmaker information required by Friday dec. 12, EOD - Complete N&Sets (Saturday 13 December).

Desktop Icon on Windows

  • In the file explorer, right-click on the script that starts the GPII/Cloud4all framework and select "Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)".
  • On the dekstop, right-click on the newly created shortcut and select "Properties" from the context menu. In the Properties dialog, select "Change icon ..." (on the "Shortcut" tab).
  • Browse to the location where you downloaded the desktop icon.
  • Click OK to exit the dialogs.

After the review