WSIS Shortcuts 2012

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Shortcuts taken in the architecture to get things working in time for WSIS

Should be fixed very soon after!!

Launching firefox

The firefox launching is currently done via an exec call to "firefox". Under windows this depends on adding the path to the PATH system variable.. This should not be the case.


  • resetting to original settings isn't working


  • No settings can be set
  • launcher currently contains full path hardcoded


  • no launch handler is implemented
  • not able to handle multiple schemas in one solution

Registry handler

  • Taskkill gives permission denied error -- to circumvent this: Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings > change to Never Notify


  • Spawn action doesn't really seem to work under windows.. It's called but nothing happens. Not sure why!


  • Firefox wont start in chrome mode on windows