WP204/WP205 Meeting on 2013-10-25

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Telephone Bridge

1. To talk free using the Web click: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/705233502 Be sure to set AUDIO to Mic and Speaker (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.

Important Information for the Meeting

This is a meeting of WP204 and WP205 (Matchmaker) within the European Project Cloud4All. However, the minutes of the meeting will be made available to the public to allow people outside Cloud4All to follow the development of the matchmaker. If, in the meeting, you want to share confidential information that should not appear in the public minutes, you need to state so in the meeting. This is in line with the Cloud4All Consortium Agreement, section 10.


  • Claudia
  • Nick
  • Kasper
  • Christophe
  • Andy

Minutes of Previous Meetings


Value Range of High Contrast

Kasper just added "OFF" to the value range of "highContrastTheme".

Might be a good idea to include a "do nothing" switch for each preference in a preference set to allow overriding an already-set preference by using a more specific "condition".

Decision: Add a new common terms to disable high contrast. This will be called highContrastEnabled (boolean) and replaces display.screenEnhancement.highContrast from the first pilot phase.

Common Terms

The current solutions registries/transformers use a mix of naming conventions for common terms. See Discussion on Profile Structure. There is an ontology for transforming flat terms into hierarchical terms. The naming convention needs to be revisited after the second pilot phase.

Proposal: have a "xxxEnabled" term for all optional features that actually be turned off (like contrast, but obviously not fontsize).

Rationale: Make it possible to turn off certain settings, e.g. high contrast, if they are enabled in a user's "default preferences" but need to be disabled in specific conditions (e.g. in the evening).


Both matchmakers confirmed: Same as last time, just hooking the match(..) function. Already configurable through architecture config files.

Integration Tests

test process:

  • start server
  • read settings
  • logs in
  • checks settings and apps running
  • logs out
  • checks if settings and apps returned to normal

Integration with MMs: should all go well with configs.

Next Meetings and Topics

  • Special meeting about transformers: WP204/WP205 Meeting on 2013-11-01.
  • Next full meeting: WP204/WP205 Meeting on 2013-11-08.

Previous meetings: see Matchmaker Meetings.