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Rules for the RtF/GPII Working Groups

  1. Everyone is welcome to join the mail list for the working group.
  2. Everyone is welcome to see and watch the work of the working group on the web.
  3. Only people who are approved by the chairs as having fulfilled the requirements to participate can join an actual working group.
  4. We have an open policy on the working groups allowing anyone who qualifies to participate.
  5. To qualify a person must:
    1. commit to regularly attending the meetings and following the work
    2. behave in a constructive and respectful manner on the working group
    3. sign the Raising the Floor Consortium Membership Agreement and IPR Policy

How to join a Working Group

People should apply to the chairs for participation after having read the purpose of the group and fulfilling the qualifications

Participation in WG meetings when not a member of the Working Group

  • Nonmembers may be asked to attend a particular meeting to provide input that is not a contribution
    1. but cannot attend more than 1 or 2 meetings without joining
    2. cannot make any contributions to the meeting without first signing the IPR policy

Why the rules?

The work of the committees is open source and open to the public. The above rules are minimal and only intended to ensure that the outcome from the working groups is not entangled with IPR that was contributed by participants (and of course to ensure that the meetings are productive and respectful). Differences of opinion are welcome and important to our work. Abusive or disrespectful behavior however will not be tolerated. Fortunately we have had a lot of the former and none of the latter in our working groups to date.