Using the NFC Listener

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Tag readers

We have used the ACS ACR122U and ACR122T USB readers. Drivers for several platforms are available including ACR122U drivers and ACR122T drivers.


Mifare classic 1K stickers are known to work.

Writing a token to a Tag

You need to write the required user token as text to a RFID/NFC tag. For example if the login URL is http://localhost:8081/user/bert/login then bert is written to the tag.

Using on Windows

Install the reader drivers as required.

The GoToTags Windows App can be used to write the text.

The NFC listener is available as an Windows exe (currently GpiiUserListener110.exe). Once this is launched the status window can be displayed by clicking on the icon in the Windows notification tray and selecting "show window".

The user Listener

See User Listener.