User Preferences UX Meeting 2013-08-20

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8/20/13 Chris: waiting for tutorials to be created to proceed with functionality wants to wait for the CSS work until the functionality is there adjusters needed to do increase size don't exist in UIO; need examples to move forward text size being either numerical and +/- Boyan: working on speak text preset has a demo to show next meeting shows adjuster mockups for speak text thinks that add contrast is going to be created by whomever gets done first

    • Action: Alexander will show how words spoken per minute solution can help the text size needs; followed tutorial from AC and wired the to the model

Alexander and Boyan will push the code:

    • Action: Chris, Michelle, and Justin to take a look at the above code ^

Justin: just pushed 4907 schema work into the master trying to fix up some model transformation work

    • Action: Justin to check in with Anastasia to make sure latest work is reflected in documentation

link to font used in wireframes:,600,700,800,700