User Preferences UX Meeting 2013-08-13

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I don't know Kasper's trick for maintaining the colors from PiratePad:


  • Chris' questions

Design Update

Chris sent the following questions to the Architecture list:

1) How exactly can we preview preferences like cursor-size or magnifier? ANSWERED; preview in own window

2) Will PMT present the adjusters in all their forms, folded, semi-expanded, fully-expanded (rows #1<>, #2<>, #3)<>, or only in their fully-expanded form (#3)?<> ANSWERED; sections 3 and 4 from

Design has frozen

Adjusters (frozen):

Frames (frozen):

3) Will the PMT apply the changes of the preferences immediately when saved on the device that is running or not? should apply immediately to device when user is editing the preference set that is currently applied; won't be applied to a device immediately when they're editing for another device (other than the one they're on)

4) Something related to the back-end communication. How will PMT (and PCP) fetch preferences from the preferences server? In the previous version of PMT (and PCP), preferences were known within the NodeJS server context and they were "injected" inside the markup once the tools' pages were requested (GET). OK, there was the unneeded step of storing the "injected" page on the disk, but this can be avoided, page can be constructed and returned on-the-fly. However, will this be the proper way? Another solution is for the tools to fetch the preferences totally from the client with AJAX GET requests. This way the whole logic is transferred to the client and NodeJS serves static pages. Other alternatives?

5) What about defining our own enactors for the new preferences/adjusters? This is related to what will be previewed and how (1). included in question 6

6) How can we create an adjuster with a totally custom UI? Eg. magnifier-position in row #3<> is a single selection widget with the user clicking on images for the selection. needs example for this

7) How can we associate one single preference with two different adjusters? Eg. in row #3<> text-size can be set by a drop-down and by a slider at the same time. Is this supported by UIOptions currently? needs example for this

early demo: only text size really works

Next steps are to integrate with GPII Prefereces server

Could use tutorial or some examples - custom adjuster creation - associate one pref w/ 2 adjusters - how pref. preview will be accomplished

ACTION: IDRC will get some new tutorials together to show this

Christophe organized questions page Preference Design Tools Questions.

Alexander working on PCP - implementing adjusters for speak text

Chris' reply:

Hi all,

Forgot to mention yesterday that the version of PMT at,

is at my development machine, so it won't be available when my machine is closed. It was meant to be presented only as a demo during the telco. When we have something more completed we'll make it available on a public server.


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