User Preferences UX Meeting 2013-08-01

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A mock preview will be valuable to give a rough idea about what the implications are of changing that setting. Even if it's not applicable in the current device/context (within reason ofc). It should be made clear that the preview is not a 1:1 represenation of what they'll see on their device.

Matchmakers running locally?

  • can't use the matchmaker unless you're online
  • hasnt' been part of the plan to install matchmakers locally

Implications of having matchmakers locally

  • Rules in rule-based matchmaker would need to be updated at regular intervals
  • (Rule-based matchmakers is a rather big intall; currently includes Apache Jena)
  • Statistical matchmaker would base inferences based on output of statistical analysis (this is how the statisical MM ran in the first pilot phase); this output file would need to be updated at regular intervals.

Agenda items for Tuesday meeting

"Skins" (and functionality?) need to address barriers to entry

  1. context-specific UI
  2. auto-adaptation by MM?
  3. user-adapted (through preferences/adjusters?) examples: and

Action Items

  • Joanna will create wireframes to show the mock preview (JOANNA)
  • Clean up wiki references in GPII wiki (JESS)

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