User Preferences UX Meeting 2013-03-05

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Need Use Cases

IDRC Fraunhofer

  • PMT
  • larger screen - fuller access

One piece might be

  • smaller thing
  • quick adaptations quick changes
  • choose whether to use them immediately
  • or to store them

MM - rating system

  • user feedback on how they think the MM is doing
  • macro level
  • micro level (indiv settings)

Real-time Control:

  • change setting
  • store nothing

(mini-matchmaker pref changer) - Pref adjustment or creation by inference (with or without confirmation) - based on monitoring user behaviour, i.e. changes made through PCP or directly through program interfaces.)

  • always turns up volume when environment is loud
  • always does x when in this location
  • always does y when in presence of z

Pref Management -- viewing and editing and organizing preferences