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User Page of Till Riedel

My Role in the GPII

I am Till and am working on collecting Building Blocks for the GPII.

Also I am currently planning the Evaluation With Implementers together with Maria.

I work for KIT on the Prosperity4All project.

More Info

Contact Details


office phone: +49 (721) 608-41706

im: skype:till.riedel

Up-to date infos also on my personal web site:

Other gpii relevant accounts:

Some personal notes

On my web site you will also discover that my background is really on a different side and I have to learn a lot.

I started this page when thinking about the Developers Space, that I will be a part of.

I feel although I could relate to many people, the GPII is such a huge community and it is easy to become disconnected. I think this space lives from connections and sharing views, which I find sometimes difficult without a F2F setting. So this aims to be a little compensation for this.

A little about myself that you should know if you work with me: During the week on my day job, that p4a and this initiative is only part of, I am normally pretty stressed and busy with a lot of disconnected topics. So it can happen that I am pretty harsh in my comments and may seem opinionated. Further I have a terrible short time memory (also due to this), so I forget to answer and alike. I am counting on people to keep nagging me about his: I really admire the work everybody in putting gpii!

I am really looking forward to working with everybody.

My GPII Blog

My first blog ever, let's see how long it lasts...

Accessibility experiences with my mail program

Till (talk) 04:33, 28 January 2015 (EST)

The last 1.5 days my productivity went down radically and became confused and frustrated:

The question is if this was due to a temporary disability.

I think yes, although the cause was not me changing, on the contrary.

The reason is clearly my email program (thunderbird) that somehow managed to hide my quick filter bar. I tend to externalize my memory in my email program (which captures close to 100 mails per day). Now the access to this memory was very difficult to access. There are more than four different search and filter mechanisms in thunderbird, however, only one (that I pimped via the Expression Search Plugin) works for me and my work flow.

One of the result was that I missed an appointment today at the citizen bureau (I was there but did not know my appointment number) and forgot my keys at home because of the confusion (my bike stands now locked somewhere in the city and I had to use the tram).

I now somehow fixed the problem by randomly turning on and off plugins and menu bar options without knowing how I fixed it. I am however amazed by how much a very simple usability aspect influenced my ability to do simple tasks (the functionality of the search was still there, just with a different interface, that I even knew).

A first developer space anecdote

--Till (talk) 13:44, 15 February 2014 (EST) Today it was raining outside (and I am still waiting for my wife who was skying with my colleagues while I was at the kick-off :( ), so I had a little time spamming this web site and to think about accessibility and alike as I am not really familiar with this whole thing yet.

So I was thinking of cool tools and browsing the web. When thinking about web page accessibility I remembered when I had to register for a conference for a visually impaired colleague of mine. He simply couldn't find the right links but was always ending up in banners etc. (I am exaggerating). I remembered what I do in such cases as I also have special needs: I create a user scripts or a user styles to make such cluttered web sites browsable for me. So I installed platypus and greasemonkey and cleaned the web site up for him and saved the script. This is only the context of my story. (put the tools on Developers Space Components)

Inspired by Gregg's pep talks thought: "Let's get this into the DSpace". So I looked for the tool (which is not actively developed anymore). (I also found a nice paper from the author Scott Turner about personalization in the web that would some of our views perfectly.) The problem is that you need to patch it to get it running in current firefox versions and there was no licence files.

I emailed the developer and he promptly responded, that it was already GPL but he could also re-license it if needed. Seemingly the license file got lost at some point in the packages. So the first point I discovered: a good repository with clear usage licenses is needed (probably also preservation of source files, btw.) I only was lucky to get hold of the guy who stopped development years ago.

So I emailed back and forth with him and I found out that the guy stopped development because Mozilla was demanding certain coding standards from him, which would have needed more work. So the baseline is we really need an inclusive repository for the Developer Space. This tool really meets my special needs (I will check if it also works for others) and it was lost and abandoned because of IMHO wrong approach to a repository (by the Mozilla Foundation).


--Till (talk) 10:00, 15 February 2014 (EST) The Prosperity4All kick-off went really great IMHO. It was really great to meet everybody and discuss with them (I actually slept really well when it was over). I am looking forward to great project building important parts of the GPII.

The discussions regarding Gamification, Global Solution Networks and Evaluation on the last day were inspiring. Many kudos to especially Gregg for moderating and making it possible and for the guys at FhG for making this possible.