Universal HID Actuator

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Universal HID Actuator

The Universal HID Actuator is a USB dongle that can be plugged into the USB port of a PC or Playstation 3. The dongle enumerates as a mouse, keyboard and joystick human interface device (HID). The AsTeRICS system running on a second computer can be configured to connect to the HID actuator via Bluetooth and send control commands. The control commands can be mapped to an input modality of choice (head movement, external switches, biosignals, speech recognition, ...). This way a computer or Playstation can be remote controlled by the input modality best fitting to a person's impairments and needs.

Keywords: Remote Control, HID, mouse, joystick, keyboard, USB, Bluetooth
Technologies: Teensy microcontroller, USB HID, Bluetooth
License: TBD
FurtherInfo: https://github.com/asterics/AsTeRICS Code Repository, Contact FHTW

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Potential Applications

  • Remote control computer
  • Accessible gaming - make gaming accessible for people with disabilities (especially for those with motor impairments)

Licence Information

Originally, the AsTeRICS Runtime Environment (ARE) was licensed under GPLv3. [1] For usage within the P4ALL/GPII project, the ARE and dedicated building blocks can be relicensed under a less restrictive licence. For more information please contact FHTW.

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