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The Unified Listing and MarketPlace Working Group

The Unified Listing and MarketPlace working group has 3 sub teams that focus on the three areas of responsibility for this group.

  1. Unified (Federated) Listing - work on creating the Federated Listing of all Open and Closed source, Commercial and Free, Add on and built in access features.
  2. GPII Marketplace - work on creating a Marketplace for "purchasing" commercial and free Access solutions
  3. Shopping Aid - "Pre-sale" matching aid to help users find thing in Unified Listing (and marketplace) based on NP Profiles (See also REAL-TIME Matchmaking)

KEY Wiki Working Pages

What is what?

There are a number of different components to this work that are sometimes confused.  This section is written to help keep them apart.

  2. The GPII Unified Listing  (the global solutions registry)
    • This is a federated repository of 
      • open source and commercial AT related to ICT access 
      • access features in mainstream products
    • accessibility services
    • The GPII Unified Listing (as a whole) is not a deliverable of Cloud4all.  
    • Linking (federating) the GPII Unified Listing  with the Cloud4all Federated Repository (the ICT access portion of the   database) is a Cloud4all deliverable. 
    • The unified listing has two major components
      • The core database itself
      • A runtime module that contains just the machine (and some human) readable data needed by matchmakers etc a runtime
        • The runtime module is optimized for scalability, and replicability to allow it to scale and be everywhere including behind security firewalls
    • The Unifed Listing is a "lossless" "credititing"  Federated Database
      • It contains a full copy of the record fields for the databases it federates with as well as a set of standard common fields.
      • All data is clearly identified with its origin(s) and use data fed back to sources for their crediting and reporting.
      • Maintaining record data for all federating databases also facilitates their matching and use of GPII UL federated data. 
  3. The GPII Marketplace
    • The GPII Marketplace is a place to buy some ICT access products (those that the developers would like to distribute this way)
    • The GPII Marketplace has a "shopping aid" that will draw from Cloud4all work - but it is not a Cloud4all deliverable
    • Linking the Cloud4all work to the Marketplace is a deliverable.    (in the proposal - the GPII Unified Listing and Marketplace" was referred to simply as the GPII Marketplace.
  4. The Cloud4all/GPII  "Solutions Registry"
    • The Cloud4all/GPII "Solutions Registry"  is another name for the GPII Unifed Listing 


The Unified Listing and Market Place group currently uses just the mailing list and this WIKI to carry out most of its work.

NOTE: Participation in the working group is open to all subject to the standard WORKING GROUP PARTICIPATION CRITERIA. These criteria are easy to meet and designed only to ensure that our work remains open and free and that all feel welcome to participate.

  • MEETINGS: watch the ulist listserve 
  • MAIL LIST: ulist@lists.gpii.net (sign up at http://lists.gpii.net )
  • WIKI: This WIKI and other WIKI pages linked to from this one
  • OTHER: Code is often kept in other repositories. These and all other resources used are linked to from this WIKI

Members in the Unified Listing and MarketPlace Working Group

Currently Active Members

  • Subgroup codes
    • U = Unified Listing
    • M = Marketplace
    • S = Shopping Aid

<Names need to be entered. Feel free to fill in yours >

  • Denis Anson [UMS]
  • Gregg Vanderheiden [UM]
  • Valerio Gower [U]
  • Yao Ding [S]
  • Josef Scarantino [U,S]
  • Marc Irlandez [U,S]
  • Amrish Chourasia [U,M,S]
  • Tony Atkins [U,M,S]

People who have Contributed to the Unified Listing and MarketPlace work