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This is the HOME PAGE for the work on the Unified listing. From here you can find

Objectives of the Unified Listing

To create a single Unified Listing, that covers not only assistive technologies that relate to accessing ICT but also includes access features built directly into mainstream as well.

  • This will include:
    • Creating a manufacturer-facing interface for data entry, which is update-optimized to encourage direct data input (moderated) of data by manufacturer (In conjunction with Consumer Electronics Association).
    • New double-function  (Mainstream-product-function and user-needs) user-search interface required for consumers accessing mainstream products and features. 
    • Coupling of the Unified Listing to the Cloud4all/GPII auto-personalization-from-preferences (APfP) capability
    • Federating with multipled databases (Both AT databases and Mainstream Product Databases) internationally

To create an Open Marketplace of accessible and personalizable solutions that

  • Has international reach
  • Is open to all technologies
  • Supports free and commercial, proprietary and open-source solutions
  • Is accessible to and usable by people before they receive their AT
  • Allows new developers/contributors without resources or infrastructure to market and sell internationally.
  • Makes the advantages of both open-source and proprietary solutions clear to users to help avoid inexpensive but unsupported tech problems.

Goals of the Unified Listing

  • Reduce the costs to developers and vendors -- and thus to users by:
    • Increasing the market reach and penetration
    • Facilitating international marketing and sales
    • Connecting more vendors to users that match their products features
  • Make it MUCH easier for a user (and those working with them) to find things that will help the user
    • Specialized assistive technologies
    • Mainstream Products that have the accessibility features they need

Targeted Users of the Unified Listing

  • Consumers
  • Manufacturers
  • Vendors
  • Clinicians, Teachers, Vocational Counselors, and other Professionals
  • Family, Friends, Caregivers, and others close to consumers
  • Funding Agencies
  • NGO and other organizations supporting consumers
  • Government Funders and Policy makers
  • Public

Use Cases / Examples for Unified Listing

Background: For the auto-configuration of computers required by cloud4all, a significant amount of information about each solution is required to know e.g. how to set settings, launch the application, etc. This information should be contained in the unified listing. Since the auto-configuration is expected to use the solution information quite frequently and heavily, the plan is to create an optimized database for this (we call it the solutions registry). The solutions registry would extract (only) the relevant parts of the unified listing on e.g. a daily basis. The information required in the solutions registry is: How to detect whether a solution is installed on the system, how to detect whether a solution is running/activated, how to start/stop the solution, how to set settings, how settings of solution relates to common terms. As neither a unified listing, nor solution registry exist yet, our work-around is to have this contained in a file. The registry for the three platforms can be found at https://github.com/GPII/universal/tree/master/testData/solutions.


  1. ​Chris is blind and looking for a screen reader that will work on Linux and that will work like his so he doesn’t need to learn two systems.  Also interested in whether one will work on Mac like his.
  2. Mary has a GPII N&P Set and wants to see what is available that meets her needs.


  1. ​Maria likes to keep up on the latest things and would like a list of anything new that has been added that came out since she last looked.
  2. Michale is looking for a product that matches the needs of a new client.


  1. ​Omicorp wants to find products that might be competitors for theirs.
    • any of the same type?
    • any that have the same functions?
    • any mainstream products that are providing the same functionality that might cut into market?
  2. WyoTech wants to look at products that it might want to add to its line - to fill gaps
  3. Acme want do check out the entries for their products.
    • they look at the UL listing for a product and update the price
    • they then look at the entries for all the other federated databases for that product.
      • They like the fact that the new price propagates to the other entries and they can just click "confirm" if that applies to that product.
      • For country based databases they get to say if the price is US or that currency - and whether it is different than what is propagated down from the UL list.
    • All changes are shown as "submitted edits" -- and companies are sent a confirming email when they are accepted or changed.


  1. ​Wiscorp is looking to see how its product compares to other products.
  2. MyloCorp wants to see if all of its products are in the database
  3. BilliCorp wants to know if their products provide all the features needed by other countries to meet their requiremetns ( We have no plans to cover this. Fraught with problems)
  4. WiliCorp is looking for new things it can add to its products to make them more accessible. So it is looking for features of all type that might work on their products -- or even ones that wouldn’t that might give them an idea.  (the Masterlist is probably better place to look -- but they might look here )
  5. (see also AT Developers cases)


  1. Michael is doing a new entry and would like to see what the entries for a product look like on other databases.