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The Testing Working Group

The Testing working group is in charge of

  • Rules and policies governing testing within RtF/CLOUD4All/GPII
  • All testing of the CLOUD4All/GPII implementations.
    • Currently work is focused on the CLOUD4All testing activities.

Users involvement

There are three main ways in which the general public can get involved in the project:



In this section the methodology to be used during the different stages of the project will be disccussed and presented.


The Testing group currently uses the mailing list, issue tracker and this WIKI to carry out most of its work.

Key Testing Wiki Working Pages

Experimental plans working templates

Cloud4all first pilot phase

Currently Active Members in the Testing Working Group

  • Jutta Croll (SDC)
  • Eleni Chalkia (CERTH)
  • Nacho Madrid (Technosite)
  • Ivan Carmona (Technosite)
  • Mercedes Turrero (Techosite)
  • Loukia Prentza (CERTH)
  • Juan Bautista Montalvá (UPM)
  • Silvia Rios (UPM)

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