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During the project there will be three iterative pilots. To gather as much information from each testing phase there will be a different methodolgy assigned to each pilot. Information abput the tools and methods to be employed in each stage can be found (shortly) on

There are several options to consider during this process, and we would like to hear your opinions on it. It is important to remember that on top of traditional user testing activities we plan to provide users with remote validation systems. These will not be conceived as tests or experiments as such, but more like a tool for prospective users and the general public to express their ideas, concerns and comments to us as developers.

"We should keep in mind that some people in our target group have difficulties in remembering steps that come consecutively (R. Orpwood, A. Sixsmith, J. Torrington, J. Chadd, G. Gibson and G. Chalfont, 2007), especially if they are lengthy, so the easier and more intuitive the product is, the better."