Standardization Workshop Brussels 2017-10-13

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Workshop title: "Workshop on GPII and standardization" (by invitation only)

Location: Fraunhofer offices

Date & time: Fri Oct 13, 1-5pm CEST


  • Information exchange
  • Feedback on DSpace and mapping to ETSI standard
    • "We have something for you to look at. Is this useful to you? What would be needed to make it more useful?"
  • Identify particular items/amendments that would make the DSpace and the mapping more useful


  • No fee for room rental
  • Management budget for catering? (max. 500€)

To dos:

  • (DONE) Carla: Ask Alina Lupu for opening and closing. If not available: Ask Thomas Reibe.
  • (PENDING RESPONSE) Estelle: Inform Thomas Reibe and ask him about a presentation on the rolling plan. Can we have the latest draft one week prior to the workshop?
  • (DONE) Estelle & Carla: Invite MEPs to workshop.
  • Estelle: Look through list of speakers and attendees of standardization workshop on Oct. 19.
  • Carla: Offer remote participation to all invitees. GotoMeeting room 2.
  • (DONE) Carla: Send out draft agenda (PDF) - first without speakers.
  • (PENDING RESPONSE) Carla: Ask P4a people to come: Ignacio, Marco.
  • (DONE) Matthias: Ask Daniel Ziegler to come.
  • Estelle: Ask Thomas about the rolling plan. If Thomas not responding: Carla: Ask Alina about the rolling plan.
  • (DONE) Gottfried: Talk to Till about ongoing process of mapping DSpace items. Tie masterlist of accessibility strategies to ETSI provisions?

Note to presenters: Present in a way that it is not necessary to see the screen. Presenters need to provide their slides upfront digitally, preferably one day before.

Estelle & Carla will take notes of the meeting, for preparation of a short report. During discussions, project the notes on the screen. Use a Google doc so that (remote) participants can follow along if they want.

Platform for remote participation: GotoMeeting room 2

Draft Agenda:

  • 13:00-13:30 Come together & lunch
  • 13:30-13:35 Opening (Alina Lupu, EC & Gottfried Zimmermann)
  • 13:35-15:00 Implementation Resources for ETSI EN 301 549 (mapping of GPII Developer Space content to ETSI EN 301 549 provisions)
  • 15:00-15:15 Break (coffee, tea, cakes, fruits)
  • 15:15-16:55 Annual European rolling plan on ICT standardization
    • Presentation on European rolling plan on ICT standardization (Thomas Reibe or Alina Lupu) - 30 min
    • Presentation on the MOOCAP certification roadmap (Gottfried Zimmermann) - 10 min
    • Questions & discussion
    • Add a footnote: GPII (as an entity) takes no stance (pro or con) on regulatory issues. But GPII can help manufacturers and developers to find ways to comply with any regulation.
  • [Reserve, not on official agenda] Presentation on other GPII standardization work (roadmap) - Gottfried Zimmermann
    • ISO/IEC 24751-1 Access4All framework - registry approach
    • ISO/IEC TS 24751-4 Access4All framework - Registry service API
    • ISO/IEC 24752-8 User Interface Resource Framework (API and format for preferences and other context services)
    • extensions for accessibility (Gottfried Zimmermann)
  • 16:55-17:00 Closing (Alina Lupu & Gottfried Zimmermann)