Standardization Meeting 2016-09-29

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Present: Gottfried Zimmermann, Shadi Abou-Zahra, Gregg Vanderheiden, Christophe Strobbe, Madeleine Rothberg, Andy Heath, Matthias Peißner, Judy Brewer

Regrets: Jutta Treviranus

Overview on standardization activities

Reports on standardization activities. See also GPII standardization roadmap.

  • [Gottfried & Andy reporting] ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35
    • ISO/IEC 24752-7 RESTful target integration. Communication between a controller and a target/gateway, allowing for personalization of user interfaces. Currently in WD status. Publication expected in 2018.
    • ISO/IEC 24752-8 User Interface Resource Framework. This document defines a RESTful protocol and data formats in XML and JSON for the provision and delivery of resources that are related to user interface adaptation based on context of use. It addresses requirements and recommendations for the following services: user-context service, task-context service, equipment-context service, environment-context service, resource service, resource description service, matching service. Going for CD vote. Publication expected in 2018.
    • ISO/IEC 29138-1 User Needs Summary. Andy is an editor. Current draft, received comments. CD should be ready in Dec. 2016.
    • ISO/IEC 30071 Code of practice for creating accessible ICT products and services. Originally BSI 8878. Harmonization with user needs summary (29138-1). CD ballot upcoming.
  • [Andy & Gregg reporting] ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36
    • Working on revision of 24751-1. Registry and framework for individualized accessibility. 3 types of terms for registration: preference concepts, context description concepts, resource description concepts. Relation between terms, equivalencies, etc. Similar to a thesaurus.
  • [Gregg reporting] GPII registry server is up. Currently re-working on existing terms. Open for registration of terms from IMS,, etc.
  • [Gottfried reporting] W3C APA wg. In a joint meeting with CSS wg, the possibility was discussed of using extensible media queries as a vehicle for conveying user preferences to Web applications via browser extensions (and eventually through the browser itself).
  • [Judy reporting] W3C IndieUI wg closed April 2015. Work flowed into CSS and ARIA wgs. Architectural approach for personalization envisioned. New discussion on follow-up of user personalization standard, possibly going into Silver guidelines under WCAG (see below).
  • [Judy & Shadi reporting] W3C WCAG wg working on a series of updates for set of techniques. New focus includes mobile accessibility, low vision, cognitive. Potential for new success criteria. This extension of WCAG will result in WCAG 2.1. Always open for comments. Product requirements are developed in parallel, called "Silver", possibly resulting in WCAG 3.0. Conformance accessibility testing work starting under WCAG wg.
  • [Judy & Shadi reporting] W3C Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force. Extensive user needs research, almost publication-ready. Identified specific success criteria relevant for cognitive. Other guidance on cognitive access beyond success criteria.
  • [Andy reporting] The IEEE Actionable Data Book. Andy has withdrawn from the group. Not sure how much the synchronization with IMS will go on from now.
  • [Madeleine reporting] IMS Accessibility Working Group. Major revision to personal needs and preferences spec, expected to be released in fall. Added new preferences, and made binding flat. Related to assessment systems. Integration of work. Presentations in XML and JSON.
  • [Madeleine reporting] accessibility working group. Three new accessibility feature terms, nearing completion: access mode, access mode sufficient, accessibility summary. Expected in 3.2. Also working on places and events.
  • [Madeleine & Judy reporting] IDPF. New document on accessibility guidelines. Accessibility conformance criteria, based on WCAG 2.0. Current negotations between IDPF and W3C about merging.
  • [Andy reporting] ISO/IEC JTC1 WG10 Internet of Things (IoT). Call for additional use cases. Andy plans to write some on user needs and preferences.
  • [Gottfried reporting] IEC SyC AAL. A set of use cases drafted, many of them related to user interfaces and personalization-relevant. Gottfried in discussion with the working group on user interface requirements.
  • [Gottfried reporting] European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA). Platform has over 800 partners and should be regarded as a major dissemination opportunity for GPII. Gottfried leading a task force on personal user experience (C2.3), collecting showcases of user interface personalization in AHA. These will be presented at the European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing that will take place on Dec. 6-7 in Brussels. Madeleine offers to invite IMS members to showcase personalization scenarios.
  • [Gottfried & Christophe reporting] MOOC Accessibility Partnership (MOOCAP). New introductory MOOC on Digital Accessibility starting on Oct. 17, going for 5 weeks. This is appropriate for people (employees) interested in accessibility without prior knowledge. Additional online courses planned on special topics of accessibility, some of them of a more technical nature.
  • [Madeleine reporting] Preferences for Global Access. Project ends tomorrow. Results are publicly available (where?). Prototype preference collecting tool created and tested with users. Deployment report available.

Planning and next steps

  • Results from user needs summary (once finished) should be registered as concept terms.
  • Register terms coming from IMS,, Dublin Core on GPII registry server. Contact Tony Atkin for adding terms.