Standardization Meeting 2016-03-09

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Present: Madeleine Rothberg, Andy Heath, Gottfried Zimmermann

Regrets: -

Overview on standardization activities (all)

See GPII standardization roadmap.

  • Updates: See edits in the GPII standardization roadmap.
  • Additional activities (for details see GPII standardization roadmap):
    • IDPF working on EPUB3.1 (Madeleine Rothberg)
    • ISO/IEC JTC1 WG10 Internet of Things (IoT) (Andy Heath)
    • IEC SyC AAL (Gottfried Zimmermann)
  • Additional outcomes:
    • First release of accessibility (Madeleine Rothberg)
    • Draft on M/473 - Julia, can we get a link?
    • Recommendations on how to overcome barriers (ERPB working group) - Julia, can we get a link?
    • Updated Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation - Julia, can we get a link?
    • Renovated action plan of EIP-AHA C2 (Gottfried Zimmermann)
    • New project on ISO/IEC 24752-7: RESTful target integration (Gottfried Zimmermann)
    • New project on ISO/IEC 24752-8: User interface resource framework (Gottfried Zimmermann)
    • Revision of (Madeleine Rothberg)
    • EPUB 3.1 release (Madeleine Rothberg)

D503.5 Application Guidelines, policy and standards recommendations (HDM, report, public, M48, Jan. 2018)

From the description of T503.3 in the DOW: "This task will also propose a set of guidelines valid for the applications considered in the project and applicable also to new applications and mainstream ICT devices. These guidelines will provide best practices associated with the role and responsibilities of all stakeholders in the design, development and deployment of accessibility solutions."

This agenda item was deferred since the relevant people were not present.

Summary of action items

  1. Everybody: Review and/or add information on the GPII Standardization Roadmap. Alternatively edit (change-tracked) the Word document provided by Gottfried, and send back to Gottfried.