Standardization Meeting 2015-02-06

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Standardization Meeting on 2015-02-06



Present: Gottfried Zimmermann (HDM), Gregg Vanderheiden (RtF-I), Andy Heath, Jutta Treviranus (IDRC), Madeleine Rothberg (NCAM), Till Riedel (KIT), Lukas Smirek (HDM)

Regrets: Alice Sinigaglia (AGE)


Welcome (Gottfried)

Top-Level Goals (Gottfried)

In general, our top-level goals are:

  1. Reuse existing standards (in particular mainstream standards) wherever possible.
  2. Where necessary, develop and validate new standards on GPII technologies.
  3. Work towards adoption and inclusion of the GPII standards in relevant standardization processes and projects.

Current standardization activities (Gottfried & others)


  • Andy: IndieUI - User Context standard: How to get the user's preferences into the Browser so that they can be used for adaptation?  Hard to persuade vendors to implement somebody else's preferences. Rich Schwerdtfeger is editor.
  • Andy: IEEE ADBook group. Andy will explore whether they want to have a relationship with GPII.
  • Andy: Also active in JTC1 SC35 WG6 on accessibility (having received the standards from JTC1 SWG-A).
  • Madeleine: IMS work.  
  • Madeleine: "Shepherd" of (based on IMS terminology). No formal working group for currently.
  • Jutta: Gates foundation involved in this work.  Jutta will meet representatives.
  • Jutta: 24751-3 is supposed to reflect (with some updates).
  • Jutta: Adaptiva all nativa inclusive learning projects.  Disability rights promotion international.
  • Jutta: Include Silvia Baldiras in this group?

Expected Outcomes

Planning on Prosperity4all deliverable

D503.4 Standardization and Concertation Report (HDM, public report, due July 2015)

Next steps

New mailing list for this group.

  • Gregg will set this up as a working group mailing list.
  • People on this call will be signed up.

Other people who might want to be on this group?

  • Matthias Peißner (Gottfried will ask)
  • Silvia Baldiras (Jutta asked)

Action Items

  1. Everybody: Review and/or add information on the GPII Standardization Roadmap.
  2. Gottfried: Ask Matthias Peißner if he wants to be on the mailing list.
  3. Gottfried: Start drafting deliverable: D503.4 Standardization and Concertation Report (HDM, public report, due July 2015).
  4. Gottfried: Set up Doodle poll for next call for this group (in May 2015).