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The source code for the GPII Architecture is using git and is stored on github.

The code is split among several repositories. The most important ones related to architecture are:

Requesting repositories and committer sets for contrib/emerging projects

Emerging/contrib/non-core projects may have their own commit guidelines, and must have a separate team set of committers from the core architecture (which has a formal pull request review process).

You can always see our list of teams here:

The process for requesting new (or changes to) repositories and non-core teams is:

  1. Create a JIRA ticket in GPII.
  2. Set the component as “Technical Coordination”.
  3. Provide a clear description of the project, the preferred GitHub short name for it (otherwise I will make it up best I can) and the existing team that should have commit access. Or if necessary a new team with name and list of GitHub user handles to add to it.
  4. Assign the ticket to Steven Githens.

In general the turnaround time should only be a few days, but please allow 5 business days for us to process the request. Feel free to contact anyone on the architecture/coordination team ahead of time though if you have any questions about structure.

You can see an example here: