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This page is about the smart house activity in the Cloud4all project (November 2011 – October 2015) and is now outdated.

This page is about the Cloud4all smart house work. For smart house work in the Prosperity4All project, see

SmartHouses Online Simulation

The Cloud4all smart house simulation is available at

SmartHouses is a convenience name for A305.3 Smart Houses preference invoker. The description of the activity, as stated in the Description of Work is as follows:

The goal is to investigate the capability of “auto-personalization from profile” (APfP) application in the domestic environment. Working with AALOA and UniversAAL, specific smart home features will be identified that could be positively impacted through the existence of auto-personalization. An on-line simulation of a smart-house containing the identified features will be created that will allow us to be able to apply different personal profiles and observe the impact on the different aspects of the smart home. The simulation will allow us to explore ways that the APfP can be implemented and to identify problems in implementation. A specific challenge will be the conflict resolution of multiple personal profiles, in case that a home has more than one inhabitant. The simulation may be of value not just to this project but to other smart home projects that could take advantage of the open-source simulation to explore and show different smart home features or functions.

Additional details

At the kick-off meeting for the activity on 2012-05-23, some further details were clarified:

  • We are focusing on an online simulation of a smart home, and not the smart home itself. Nevertheless, we will use the smart home facility in the CERTH premises in Thessaloniki as a showcase of our simulation and how it applies to a real environment.
  • The focus should be on auto-configuration of the different appliances and devices, not on their general ability to be customized. We want to show how a user that changes environments is able to quickly adapt them to their needs or how an environment reacts to multiple users in a shared space.

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