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This page is about the smart house activity in the Cloud4all project (November 2011 – October 2015) and is now outdated.

This page contains mock-ups for the Smart House Online Simulation.

Smartphone (with different sensors and actuators controlled through a smartphone or tablet)

  • Generic UI link
  • High contrast link
  • Paulina (Blind): Additional support of "voice recognition" and "TTS" functionality link
  • Maurice (Night-blindness): link
  • Nitesh (Low Vision): link
  • Edward (Slight Hearing Loss): link
  • Peter (Multiple sclerosis, memory loss, reduced dexterity): link
  • Mikel Vargas (Motor impaired): link

This UI is usable through:

  1. A pair of switches (probably attached to the wheelchair). When the first switch is pressed the next visible component is scanned (focused) and when the second is pressed the focused component is being selected


  1. One switch (probably attached to the wheelchair). By the use of the automatic screen scanner the user has to press the switch to select the focused component

TV Control

1. TV to be controlled has a built-in menu. When the user taps the "Menu" component in the TV Control view the device's menu gets displayed on the screen and the user navigates through it by the use of the arrows that get displayed on the smartphone

2. TV to be controlled does not have a built-in menu. In this case, the "Menu" component is disabled


  • The devices' functionality which is presented through the mobile mock-ups is not fully supported by our living lab (CERTH/HIT).

Air Conditioner

  • Generic UI - link
  • Paulina Reyes - link (wasn't able to find how to add sound to the actions in order to simulate vibration feedback)
  • Maurice Nalobaka - link

Multimedia system

  • Generic UI - link
  • Maurice Nalobaka - link
  • Peter Vandezande - link