Smart House Bi-weekly meeting, 2012-06-06

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This page is about the smart house activity in the Cloud4all project (November 2011 – October 2015) and is now outdated.


  • Gregg (RtF-I)
  • Boyan, Dian, Todor, Veneta (Astea)
  • Juan Montalva Colomer (UPM)
  • Christophe (HdM)
  • Taxiarchis (CERTH)
  • Anders (Technosite)

Overview of last meeting

  • Introductions, initial administrative setup (wiki, mailing list)


  • Juan: UPM has real house with installed devices which can be accessed via url calls which can be used as prototype for real visualisation.
  • Gregg: Simulation is the focus, we shouldn’t spend too much effort on the real house

Use cases discussion

  • Todor presents an overview of the use cases
    • a single user in a foreign environment
    • multiple users in a shared environment
  • Christophe presents an overview of the SmartHouses devices and services
    • Split devices by room
    • Some notes on the devices, based on the use cases
    • Simulation: HTML5, CSS
  • Gregg: a table with users types as columns and different devices as rows. Fill in with preferences changes
  • Boyan: Astea will setup an initial table structure and fill it in, then ask other partners to contribute
  • We should use the same personas for the demonstrations and the SmartHouses - use the personas from the WSIS demo as a beginning

Simulation technologies

  • We present a floor plan, select a room, 3D view, go through devices
  • 3D models in 3D Studio Max
  • Suggestion by Gregg: 3D floor plan of the house - it’s not about rooms, it’s about devices - a lot easier for people to see what’s going on
  • Gottfried: already focused at device level
  • we don’t want to make everything really nice, which would make it hardly comprehensible

Administrative details

  • Next Skype meeting is scheduled for 27th June, 1600h EEST (1500h CEST)