Scenario with subtitles depending on location

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Example for discussion points

Use Case

A user wants captions to appear on his TV in the bedroom (e.g. when watching TV with the sound turned off when his wife is sleeping) but not on his TV in the living room.

Question: should the location come from the device or from (sensors detecting) the user? The current scenario assumes that the location (value('')) has somehow been configured in the device, and the device profile is sent to the matchmaker.


  • This example uses the format used in the scenario in AccessForAll wiki (i.e. it deviates from the format for the Preferences Server Payload Examples). This format is not final.
  • For readability, we simply compare items from the device profile with simple strings ('bedroom', 'livingroom'). These strings may later be replaced by URL or URIs. For example, there could be a core set of locations which can be complemented by GPS-based locations (just like CSS has a 'core set' of named colours complemented with RGB-based colours).

User Profile

Value value('') == 'bedroom' 1 true value('') == 'livingroom' 1 false

Device Profile

Partial device profile for the TV in the bedroom
Value bedroom

Partial device profile for the TV in the living room
Value livingroom