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unit tests

Unit tests are found in the folder containing the module they tests. In this directory, you'll generally have a folder called test. If the test can be run in the browser, you'll have a sub-directory called: html, in which you can find the file to open to run the test. If there is no html folder, the test requires nodejs to run and you simply run it by typing: node <testname>.js in a console, where <testname> should be substituted with the name of the test.

For the unit tests that run in the browser, you need to run them from a server or disable the browsers strict origin policy; in firefox this is done by going to the url: about:config, accept their warning, and then change security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy to false.


Persona group A:

  • sammy
    • Screen Magnifier with:
      • 2x magnification
      • Inverted images
      • The magnifier region should follow the cursor
    • System wide font changes:
      • Size: 24 pt
      • Comic Sans (or other sans-serif font if Comic Sans is unavailable on the platform)
    • System-wide contrast changes:
      • White foreground, black background
  • MikelVargas
  • Andrei
  • Carla

Persona group B:

  • Elaine
  • Omar
  • Andrei
  • Timothy
  • Nisha

NB: What is to be expected under linux can be found here: QA Testing - NP Sets

Testing to be done

  1. Windows 7 - Persona group A + USB/RFID + unit tests --- KASPAR
  2. Windows 7 - Persona group B + USB/RFID + unit tests --- Michelle
  3. Windows XP - Persona group A + unit tests --- Antranig
  4. Windows XP - Persona group B + USB/RFID + unit tests --- Colin
  5. Fedora 17 - Persona group A + unit tests --- Javier
  6. Fedora 17 - Persona group B + USB/RFID + unit tests --- Steve
  7. 60-90 minutes on tests from - except 3(B) --- Evgeni
  8. 60-90 minutes on tests 3(B) from --- Yura


  • Be done by Wednesday next week
  • Windows 7: Note what to be expected (like under Linux) -- see QA Testing
  • File bugs for any issues you find (search first)
  • If personas is expected to do something they don't (e.g. common settings that aren't mapped in Windows), file a bug