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Registry and Ontology Tools

As part of the technical support for the CLOUD4All project and the work on NP profiles and ontologies we are working on 2 different tools:

  1. a REGISTRY VIEWER tool - that will make it easy to view the REGISTRY and compare it against any company's/product's user settings. Here are the currently planned features.
    • the tool will allow you to choose one or more of the product settings files that we have stored and have it line up with the registry entries
    • it will also allow you to compare any arbitrary tab delimited file containing a set of product settings as long as the 1st column contains the names of REGISTRY entries
      • when you do this you can limit the REGISTRY items shown to be just those that match the product settings, or you can have all REGISTRY items shown
    • it will also allow you to limit the comparison to only those REGISTRY entries that are contained in a simple list (this is actually a special case of the preceding bullet)
  2. an ONTOLOGY VIEWER tool - that will make it easy to view the REGISTRY entries using any ontology
    • to use the Ontology Viewer
      1. you select an ontology
        • select from those that are stored in the tool, or
        • upload a new one, or
        • point to the URL of an ontology
      2. select any Product settings set that you want to also include (optional)
      3. it will then display the REGISTRY entries in sorted into the ontology order as an indented outline with the REGISTRY entries as the terminal nodes
        • REGISTRY entries will appear in multiple locations if they are referred to in multiple places in the ontology
        • The format for an Ontology can be any of the following
          • An HTML document with properly nested HTML or XML list (ordered or unordered) with accurate NAMES for REGISTRY items as the terminal list items in any tree branch
          • (other desired formats? such as an excel sheet with a particular format? or tab delimited file?)
    • The format for the REGISTRY will be a MYSQL database
    • The format for the Product Settings Sets will be a tab delimited file with one setting per row
      • See User Preferences working group for more information on REGISTRY and Product Settings Files formats
    • The format for the Ontology will be (an HTML document?)
      • See Ontologies working group for more information on Ontologies and their formats

The tools are currently being designed with REGISTRY maintenance and use by Vendors in mind. Please review these specs and suggest any changes that would make the tool be more useful to you in your work.