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Research to Reality is hosting the following events in the future. Most events will be in the R2R room in the evenings.

Please RSVP, unless stated otherwise, to aeharding@gmail.com.

R2R Orientation

When: February 13th, 6:30 - 7:15 PM

Where: ECB room 2068

Description: Volunteer to launch a completely new initiative to get the massive amounts of research in modern technology accessibility into our schools, libraries, and homes. Think like a startup. Different projects with tasks in gamification. Student-ran. Work to fit your schedule. Get the opportunity to show your skill and ingenuity regardless of grade level in school and discipline. Already have the resources and backing; just need you: the people. We need coordinators, researchers, hardware & software enthusiasts, and whatever you are. Have what it takes?

There will be a 20 minute powerpoint, a 10 minute video introducing modern tech for disabilities, and a tour of the lab at the Trace Center.

Documents: File:R2R-orientation poster.pdf File:R2R-invite.pdf