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This page is the homepage to the Raising the Floor: Research to Reality initiative. All information regarding the project can be found from this index.

About us

Started in January of 2013, we are a student volunteer initiative but open to everyone that is interested in its cause - whether a graduate student, high school student, on the other side of the world, or not a student. We are part of the Raising the Floor movement, and sponsored by the Trace Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As the title suggests, we're interested in moving current research in modern technology accessibility to the public quickly and sensibly in a start-up fashion, creating real products that just work.

Our primary work space is room 2068 in the Engineering Centers Building at UW-Madison. The room is open to anyone needing space to work on anything related to R2R. This room is equipped to make tele-collaboration easy so everyone - everywhere can easily join in via chat, video, or shared whiteboard from any PC.


R2R is organized in a project-by-project basis, accepting and working on various projects, possibly concurrently depending on the amount of people working on them. These projects are divided into various tasks to allow anyone or any team to accept and work on the differently-sized tasks from 'byte sized" up and allow a person to challenge themselves and succeed or fail and try again: a process known as gamification.

Click on the Challenges header to check out what we're doing!


So far, we have just gotten started! This initiative is not truly launched, but more in the 'setup' phase. Global members manage and/or work on multiple projects and also work with R2R more consistently, while local members are only working on a challenge or two from one or two different projects and can come in/out at any time.



Get involved!

Events page

Interested in our cause? ANYONE is welcome! Email me (Alexander) to get started at aeharding@wisc.edu.

Additionally, check out our events page to find upcoming orientations, sessions, and other special events.

To talk to everyone involved, join our mailing list: rtf-r2r@googlegroups.com