Proposal for Declarative Preference Conditions Datatypes

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This page will collect datatypes (and their serialization) for conditions.
Cfr. the common terms registry
Also transformations (kettle) against the preferences server

How should we store datatypes regarding other information? Which among them are going to be the ‘canonical’ representation and which will need transformations? As an example (I think already covered in the registry) some users think in meters and some other users think in feet. As a motivating example (but not the exclusive subject of discussion) think about context surrounding the user’s interaction with the system:

  • Temporal:
    • 1700
    • vs 17:00
    • vs 5pm
    • With or without timezone attached
  • Spatial:
    • 39.47825, -6.34186
    • vs N 39 28.695, W 6 20.512
    • vs N 39 28 41.7, W 6 20 30.7
  • Environmental:
    • lux vs lumens,
    • dB vs percentage gain/loss …