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Scope for PMT iteration 2 (second evaluation phase):

Scope for PCP iteration 2 (second evaluation phase):

  • Two-three preset(s) of a few settings
  • Applicably live to the system
  • Persist adjustments for the session by default, but not saving preferences upstream to preferences server (more conversation needed about the details of this) We will likely give the user the option to 'save' and also to propagate across other devices...
  • Can explicitly be stickied using a "save" command or the like
    • Note: "sticky" originally meant that the settings are stored locally without saving them to the Preferences Server. However, the implementation for the second pilot phase saves the settings to the Preferences Server.


  • Authentication by means of user name and password is not part of the second phase.
  • Only a limited number of settings can be updated live, since operating systems and other SP3 solutions do not listen consistently to changes in their settings by the real-time framework. The following list of "live" settings is based on the PCP & PMT design telecon from 23 January 2014:
    • on Windows: enabling the "default high contrast scheme" (though not changing the theme)
    • on GNOME 3.10 (Fedora 20): all magnifier settings (mag-factor, mouse-tracking, screen position), font size, cursor size, gtk-theme & icon theme (both for high contrast).

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