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The following questions are listed here to ensure the larger community is aware of them. We will need to address each one at some point in our design and development work. GLOSSARY WORKSPACE for definitions of the preferences and settings user activity spaces.


This area should be explored by looking at and adding quick vignettes to the Preference tools use cases page.

  • (DOES USB-based preference set alleviate worry about network-based PCPs? How does offline/online work across tools and preference sets being applied and used?)

NOTE: Brings up question of being able to “manage” natively w/o network and then later sync??

  • What tools imports device settings, loads existing sets, and saves changes?
    • Can a user switch between set in #3, or is that available only in #4/5
  • Which tools show recommendations?
  • Which tools do the MMs interact with and how?
  • How to address presets with conflicting preference values and determine which value takes priority? Possibilities:
    • Limit preferences to only one preset. E.g., perhaps font size would only be included in the size preset.
    • Modify the presentation of presets to the user to indicate that some presets may override changes from other presets or from user preference modifications. E.g., if presets are presented clearly as multiple-preference-clump activators (and a "try this out and see if you like it" experience), the user could be led to expect that selecting a preset could override changes they have made to individual preferences or other presets. But how do we solve the case where a user needs multiple presets to "get in the door"?
    • Ensure all presets reflect additive minimum values, rather than specific values (like in preference sets). E.g., the size preset would increase size to at least 18pt. If another preset is activated that increases size to at least 14pt, 18pt would be the last size value. If the user then increases size to 24pt, both presets would still be active.
  • Which tools are entry points? Are any of the tools dependent on others to access them?
  • Presets, Preferences, Settings, Adjusters - what's available in each tool?
    • Are the presets the same across each tool? E.g., if a size-related preset is activated in space #2, would it carry the same preferences to space #4?

Design/Look and Feel Questions

This area should be explored by looking at and adding quick vignettes to the Preference tools use cases page.

  • Tool 4 interface looks different (simpler) if user not logged in? e.g. museum kiosk (allows save)

Preview Questions

  • Need to discuss interactions for preview and when/where it happens
    • Live-preview for local set changes? --> live preview for #4/5 if setting changes are related to the currently applied N&P set
    • Small preview of functionality for preferences to ensure the user understands what they do --> small preview for #5, if setting changes are related to a N&P set not applied to the currently used device
    • Mock-preview for set changes on other devices/times/locations? Aug 1, 2013 notes.

Technical Questions

  • Are tools 4&5 chromeless browsers? How will they be developed?

Didn't this get answered?

  • Do the tools exist as different skins? Or are the the tools context responsive/adaptive? This is probably an opportunity to define some terms and integrate them into the GLOSSARY_WORKSPACE
  • stickiness: in space #3, without saving to a preference set, how does a user's selection of space #3 settings persist?
  • local versus cloud: what can a user do offline?
  • What are matchmaker recommendations and how are they presented in #4/5?

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