Pilots 2 - how to save the user's token to an USB, NFC card or QR code

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The instructions on this page are also valid for the third pilot.

Saving the token to a USB

  • Open Notepad (or a similar plain text editor).
  • Write the token in the document in the Notepad.
  • Save the document as .gpii-user-token.txt in the root folder of the USB.

Saving the token to a NFC card

In Windows 7


  • Select the 'Plain Text' option


  • Write the token in the Text* text area


  • Click on 'OK' once you have written the token
  • Click on the 'Encode NFC tags' button


  • Place an NFC tag on the NFC reader


  • The GoToTags app will inform you once the tag is encoded (check next screenshot). You can use the NFC card now to key in to Cloud4all in Windows 7, Fedora 18 or Android.


Note: If NFC tags written with GoToTags cause error messages when logging in on Linux, consider using the Android app (below) instead.

In Fedora 20


Using an Android phone

Instructions for creating NFC tags using the NFC TagWriter by NXP (older URL) are available in "How To Encode NFC Tags Yourself" on the RapidNFC website.

Creating a QR code

Using Kaywa QR Generator

  • Visit https://qrcode.kaywa.com/
  • In the options box, select the 'Text' option
  • Write the token in the text field
  • Click on 'Generate'


Using the ZXing Project QR code generator

  • Visit the ZXing Project QR code generator home page at http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/.
  • In the contents combo box, select 'Text'.
  • Select ISO-8859-1 for character encoding.
  • Write the token in the text area and click on 'Generate'.
  • Once the QR code is generated, you can download the image, print the page or read it directly from the computer of your screen.

ZXing QRcode.jpg]