Online Banking Application

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Online Banking Application

Activity Description (from DoW)

Quoted from the DoW:

A303.3: Auto-configuration of accessibility features of websites and web applications (HDM)

The objective of this task is to explore how our standard “auto-configuration from profile” (ACfP) mechanisms can work with a web application for online banking. The online banking application will include the core functionality of a real online banking service modelled off of existing online banks. However, the back-end will consist of a server simulating a banking service. It will allow us to explore and demonstrate Cloud4All's more advanced automatic adaptation capabilities, showing the usefulness of a hybrid layered application of preferences on 3 layers:

  • Operating system (e.g. by launching an onscreen keyboard, or a screen reader)
  • Web browser (e.g. by changing the font size displayed in the browser)
  • Alternate interfaces at the web application. This will include two types
    • Web application interface changes (e.g. by changing colours, or replacing labels)
    • Choice of web application UI (e.g. load simple UI app vs. full-featured UI app)

Use Cases

Use case descriptions include activities of the content author, of third-party authors and of the end user.

Design Goals/Requirements

  1. Make it easy for the content author (write instructions).
  2. Runnable without third-party resources.
  3. Make it easy for third-party authors (write instructions).
  4. Third-party authors don't need to touch the content author's web page.
  5. Third-party authors upload supplemental resources to some kind of resource server (e.g.
  6. Integration in any kind of Content Management System.
  7. Integration in UI Options Panel.
  8. Third-party resources must not distort the web page.
  9. Aim to align with existing standards, e.g. URC and WAI-ARIA.

(Proof-of-Concept) Implementations

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