OATTS (Open Access Tool Tray System)

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Open Access Tool Tray System

This is a tray and tools that are used to make telecollab and other online (or phone) work more accessible. It is developed to address the issue of the lack of accessibility features in  telecollaboration software:

  • includes web-based "tool-tray" of accessibility features and tools (widgets)
  • works with any telecollaboration system
  • users can choose the tools (widgets) they need and store them in their personal tray

Keywords: Telecollaboration, tools, widgets, OATTS
Technologies: Javascript
License: Apache 2.0
FurtherInfo: [1], Contact User:Amrish

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    • Widgets
      • Each widget provides different accessibility function or service
      • Widget either independently provides accessibility services or acts as a gateway
      • People can create new widgets
      • Proprietary and open source widgets allowed
    • Widget examples
      • caption tools  
        • Caption tool (scheduled and on demand) that display in a resizable,  positionable, always stay on top, window.
        • CCCC (Controlable Crowd Caption Correction) Tool  (see below)
        • low cost caption tool  (allows use of speech recognition and rapid correction to create captions)
      • sign language on demand tool  (similar to caption tool)
      • hand raising tool - to ensure that people using captions (which are by nature delayed) or who are slower have the opportunity to participate on level playing field.  Also facilitates participation by less gregarious participants - and those who want to quickly contribute but not speak. 
  • Technology
    • Implemented in JavaScript and PHP and MySQL.  It runs as a ChromeApp (or a Chrome Extension).  
    • Compatible with  Windows, Linux, Mac.  
  • ToDo:  
    • Mount system on GPII server
      • This will then become an infrastructure service of GPII under Prosperity4All
      • It will also server as a model for other similar tools -- as well as a model for GPII compatibility for this type of tool
    • Put all preferences into GPII compatible form
    • Incorporate some of the GPII  UI Access features into OATTS tools
  • Screenshots
    • Screenshot of the tray of all the widgets. Individual widgets can be selected and moved in section below.
      Screenshot of the OATTS tool tray. Widgets from the top section can be moved in to the personal tray below.
    • Screenshot showing widgets moved into the personal tray
    • Screenshot showing widgets moved into the personal tray
    • Screenshot showing the CCCC widget in the OATTS tray
    • Screenshot showing the Controlled Crowd Caption Correction Widget
    • Screenshot showing the OATTS settings
    • Screenshot showing the OATTS settings