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This page will contain a description of the User Needs and Preferences (N&P) Sets used in Cloud4All/GPII for auto-personalization.

Each user will have one or more N&P sets, describing what their needs and preferences are. The needs/preferences are generally expressed using terms from the Common Terms Registry.

While these sets can be held either locally (e.g. on computer or USB stick) or remotely (on a remote server), GPII has made available the Preferences Server which can be freely used to hold these sets.


  • Why is it called a SET and not a PROFILE
    • First because the term USER and PROFILE in the same phrase suggests that it is a profile of the user rather than what they want/need/prefer the world about them to look or behave like
    • Second because there is sensitivity by some people about storing profiles about them (or about people with disabilities)
    • Third, because SET is a better descriptor. A person may have different sets of preferences or permissions that they might invoke one of at any time.