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Suggest that we break the First Discovery Tool — into a set of tools or modules. (Same with All Preference Tools?)

They will usually be used as modules plugged together in different ways, but can have a wrapper making each module into a separate tool if that is useful as well. This would make it much easier to build things — and easier to talk about the different roles and functions.

Here to start the discussion — are the tools / modules that I have seen kind of fall out from our discussions. (I listed the other Preference Tools below so we can view them all together)

Overview of First Discovery Tools/Modules

  1. FIRST CREATE (Tool/Module) [Cloud4all]
    • creates a new (anonymous) preferece set on server
    • creates one (or more) KeyTokens (e.g. NFC, USB)
    • Associates (all) the KeyTokens with the emplty preference set on the server
  2. CAPTURE (Tool/Module) [Cloud4all, Preferences for Global Access]
    • User uses a KeyToken to log in CAPTURE
    • captures all of the current settings
    • User is given some confirmation or edit options (or can skip this step)
    • Current settings are saved to the Cloud for that KeyToke
    • (not used only for First Discovery - -but included here since it is an important first discovery tool/module
  3. FIRST ESSENTIALS (Tool/Module) [Preferences for Global Access]
    • determines what a user ABSOLUTELY NEEDS in order to be able to perceive, operate, and understand the interfaces used in the FIRST DIGLIT TOOL
      • (e.g. whether they need text to be read, or the minimum size of text they can read at all, etc.)
    • (Should be operable by as many individuals as possible without needing help or AT or digital literacy)
    • (if already using AT then FIRST ESSENTIALS is not needed. Use FIRST CAPTURE and go on to FIRST EXPLORE)
  4. FIRST DIGLIT (Tool/Module) [Preferences for Global Access]
    • determines what dgital literacy a user ABSOLUTELY NEEDS in order to be able to understand and use the interfaces used in the FIRST EXPLORE Tool (where they can discover their preferences).
  5. FIRST EXPLORE (Tool/Module) [Preferences for Global Access]
    • used to discover the persons initial set of basic preferences. (e.g. how to display text to make it easiest for this person to read)
    • At this point the KeyToken can be attached to an ID if desired or remain anonymous (this is a preference - as well as when the KeyToken acts as ID or acts anonymously)

OTHER Tools/Modules

  1. RE-KEY tool/module [Cloud4all ??]
    • used to replace lost KeyTokens - or create a duplicate KeyToken
  2. EXPLORE tools/modules [FLOE?, Preferences for Global Access?? ]
    • used by any or all users at any time to EXPLORE different and new preferences. Often/usually done in context to make it easier to understand the implications of the preferences in different contexts preferences saved can be default preferences or preferences for specific contexts This will probably be the most understandable and most widely useable (understandable by the widest range of users)
  3. PMT - Preference Management Tools/moduls [Cloud4all, FLOE?]
    • most powerful and comprehensive tools for viewing, management and fine tuning of preference sets
    • can be created in different levels of comprehensiveness and complexity/simplicity from MINI to FULL
    • Probably not usable by all users - especially the FULL preference management tools - but how simple they can be made is not yet know.
    • there will probably be a somewhat fuzzy line between PMTs and EXPLORE tools for since PMTs can have some context-like components in them.
      • In general - EXPLORE are for exploring new settings/preferences in some context and in some manner where there are paths for exploration provided
      • PMTs are for viewing all that exist and managing preferences and sets of preferences including which are default and which are for particular contexts etc
  4. DIGLIT (Tool/Module) [???]
    • Used to advance a person's digitial literacy of "digital interfaces". This specialized tool would be used in conjunction other general ditital literacy training -- and may in fact be completely met by other digitial literacy materials.
  5. ADJUST - Module
    • Changes a single preference
    • Probably never a stand alone tool - but rather just a module or function
      • For example - might be used in a PCP