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This page is out of date! Consult Cloud4all deliverable D204.1 instead.

MultiReader (MR) is a domain specific reading application that fits the one-document-for-all thinking. That means adaptable documents can be delivered that best matches the preferences of different user groups. The main application areas are eBooks as reference books, tour guides or specialist literature. The MR focuses of the needs of mainstreams users and users with print disabilities.

A MR document is a view on a personalized transformation of the contents through: tailoring contents (such as sign language video, audio description), adaptable views (font size, colour schemes, and speed variations) of enriched contents, and navigation aids based on semantically modelled objects [2].

Personalization based on reader profiles (xml file) to configure the multimodal interaction and presentation. Thereby predefined profiles as well as individual preferences are used. The user needs and preferences for reading and navigating in multimedia documents are investigated through a user cantered approach. A series of focus groups and interviews have been progressed. The result was a list of recommendation for the following reader groups [1]: All reader, Blind readers, partially sighted readers, Deaf Readers, Dyslexic Readers. It is possible to export a MR user profile and hence to store and synchronizes all profile information on demand and independent from location and system environment.


IST Programme by the Commission of the European Union (Project IST-2000-27513)

Useful information and sources for Cloud4All

  • list of recommendation for the different user groups


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