Meetting: Web Components 2016-06-01

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Time and date: 10.00 pm - 12:00 pm; June 1st, 2016 Location: Fraunhofer IAO, Nobelstraße 12, 70569 Stuttgart; Participants: Daniel Ziegler, Lukas Smirek, Alexander Henka (remote),


  • FHG wants to extend Media Queries to Context queries.
  • Precompiler to help developers is planned to be implemented by Alechandro in his Bc. Theses.

Discussion about decision points:

  • Id of a certain fintch in preference set is problematic: all fintches must be known in advance,
  • Solution: Web Component framework as solution, abstraction layer between match maker and framework,
  • matchmaker as first decission point: preference set is transformed to framework specific terms,
  • seccond decision point needed: Which Web component/ which variant of a Web Component is needed? Either Web Component or Resource server could decide?
  • Better: Resource server since it is the only component that knows all Web Components / variants.
  • Idea: Resource server sends information to the client, In which parameter range the current variant is optimal
  • Daniel has implemented a local profile store to simplify development processes (profiles contain information usually send by the match maker).

Framework requirements

  • Register Fintches in browser,
  • implement all functions required by Web Components,
  • ...

Important dates

  • stable version in Dez. 2016, available in DSpace,
  • M36 next deliverable (SP2),


  • Alex: look for students which help with the implementation during summer time (Innovation project),