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Note: Introduction needs to be revised

The matchmaker is a component of the Cloud4All architecture that will match the needs and preferences of a user with the current software and software settings the user is using to solve a specific task. The matchmaker is a cloud-based service. The matching process between the user needs and the user environment can be performed by several approaches: rule-based approaches, statistical approaches and hybrid approaches are appropriate. A process construction unit of the matchmaker decides which matching process will be executed. If more than one matching processes is necessary, the process construction unit defines the order and combination of the matching processes. The process execution unit of the matchmaker is called to execute the constructed matching process. Another component of the Matchmaker is the Transformer, which is responsible for several types of transformations. As defined by the architecture group of GPII the transformer is the final part of the matching process:

  • Translating generic preferences into settings for specific devices or applications).
  • translating settings for specific devices or applications into generic preferences;
  • Translating settings from one application or device to another, for example from Mac OS to Microsoft Windows, without going through generic preferences.

The GPII architecture defines other components within a personalization framework. For instance, the Flow Manager is a central component that sends and receives information to and from the matchmaker. The lifecycleHandler (previously Launch Manager, Configuration Manager and Launch Handler), is responsible for controlling and keeping track of the lifecycles of the launched/configured AT. The personalization framework is under development. Definitions and components can be changed or renamed.


For the technical concept of matchmaking, please refer to deliverable D204.1: Profile Matching Technical Concept.

Matchmaking Working Pages

Pages related to the first evaluation phase:

Pages related to ontologies and semantic infrastructure:

Other pages:

Need a general page about preference sets.

The following page presents results of A204.1 Compiling existing Strategies and Tools.

Source Code

Archived Content

This presentation: File:The MatchMaker Ecology.ppt delivered at ICCHP 2012, Linz, describes the role of matchmakers in the architecture as envisaged in 2012, presents two "baseline MatchMakers" and maps out some important problems to be addressed, including the relationship of different MatchMaker processes and requirements.