Major Components of GPII work

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The 5,000 foot view of the work being undertaken to create the GPII is shown in this diagram. The 15 boxes are the key components need, both core architecture and other supporting efforts. Overlayed on these are the main funded activities of Cloud4All, Prosperity4All, UIITA-RERC and the US Dept. of Education. Fluid and Floe are as set of technologies developed by IDRC and used in the core architecture. The GPII Library Implementation is a example implementation of the GPII to be installed in several libraries.

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The 15 components are grouped into 3 areas as follow:

  • Will something help me? What?
    • User Awareness - Users find out something exists for them.
    • Needs & Preference Identification Tool (NAPIT) – Wizard - users can find out which types of things help them. (US dept of ED)
    • Needs & Preference Profile - Users can store need and preference info for later use. (C4A)
    • GPII Unified Listing and Marketplace (Master list and Basic list) - find all existing solutions, at once, commercial and free. (C4A)
    • Shopping Aide (matching done before purchase of AT/mainstream prod) - Users can use profile to find just what helps them. (UIITA-RERC)


  • Getting access automatically, anywhere, on any device.
    • Preference and Permission Server - Securely stored and available anywhere (C4A)
    • Real Time Matching (includes preference transformations) – Preferences, permissions and context used to determine best fit. (C4A)
    • Delivery/Launch Management (anywhere/any time/any device) (and user real-time micro adjust) - built in + AT are auto adjusted and delivered anywhere. (C4A)
    • Media & Mtls (Augmentation/Transformation/Replacement) – Automatic media augmentation, transformation and replacement. (P4A)
    • Assistance on Demand (commercial and volunteer) - User can call any assistance anywhere. (P4A)


  • Tools to make it easier, lower-cost, to create and market new solutions.
    • Developers Space (parts, tools, bases, resources) – Free & commercial parts to speed dev. and lower costs. (P4A)
    • Rich Expertise Resource for developers (Consumers, Experts, and materials) - Experts, consumers, testers etc to help new developers. (P4A)
    • Assistance on Demand Service Infrastructure - Infrastructure to make it easy to provide AOD service. (P4A)
    • GPII Unified Listing & Marketplace - Developers can quickly, efficiently, market worldwide. (P4A)
    • Micro-Finance Micro-Payment infrastructure - Mechanism for financing R&D and service Del. (P4A)