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General Information

This page contains information about the Cloud4all Implementors Workshop, Madrid, Spain (28-29 November, 2012). It will take place at UPM in Madrid. The meeting rooms will be B5 for the 28th and B11 for the 29th. Both rooms are nearby and signs will be provided by UPM.

The targeted audience is developers who are technical minded, have a basic programming knowledge, and are familiar with the product they're implementing in the context of C4A. It is an advantage to be familiar with JavaScript/JSON, though not a requirement.

The content of this page will update as we get closer to the workshop.


There are a few things we would like participants to prepare for the hackathon.

Installation of Cloud4All/GPII on your system:

Questions about your application: Please fill out the following questions on: Madrid Implementers Workshop - Applications

  • Short description of you application (1 paragraph or so)
  • How are settings stored for your application? (eg. XML)
  • How is your application launched/killed? (eg. commands, location of .exe, etc)
  • How can one detect whether application is installed? (eg. registry lookup)

Considerations for hackathon:

  • What would you like to know about C4A?
  • Is there anything we can do to make your implementation progress easier, ways that the architecture (/architecture team) can accommodate your application better?
  • What would you like to work on during the hackathon?


The agenda will be fairly loose, and will be set by those attending according to needs and interest. We do have some presentations scheduled and a general sketch of the days. Amongst other Wednesday morning will contain presentations introducing the latest changes and a general recap on the architecture framework.

Wednesday, November 28th

Session 1: General Overview
9:00 - 11:00
  • Welcome and Refreshing (architecture overview) - 1 hr
  • (re-)introduction to useful tools: wiki, mailinglist, github, bugtracker, IRC, etc. - 20 min
  • Update on architecture - whats new in 0.1b - 30 min
    • Introducing periodical releases
    • Flat preferences structure? (if in 0.1)
    • Conditional preferences (overview of proposal)
    • error handling
  • Dinner planning
Session 2: Hacking
11:15 - 12:30

13:30 - 17+

New Implementers and interested:

  • Getting set up (updating installations, ensuring they work)
  • How to implement your AT with the GPII; Presentations and code along (integrating a simple solution)

'Old' Implementers:

  • Getting set up (updating installations, ensuring they work)
  • Implementations overview
  • Deciding the plan for the day;
    • What does everyone want to know about Cloud4All, work on, discuss, etc.
    • Create working groups / start hacking

Thursday, November 29

Session 1: Pilot Testing
9:00 - 10:30

Technical validation plan for the SP3 applications (for 1st pilot phase)

Session 2: Hacking
10:45 - 12:30

13:30 - 17+

  • Recap of Wednesday - progress, barriers, discussions
  • Deciding the plan for the day;
    • What does everyone want to know about Cloud4All, work on, discuss, etc.
    • Create working groups / start hacking


Architecture Team:

  • Kasper Markus
  • Boyan Sheytanov

SP3 Implementations:

  • Linux/Gnome (Emergya): Javier Hernandez
  • Java phone (CERTH): Kostas Kalogirou (or other programmer)
  • Smart Phone (Vodaphone): Tomas de Andres (and other developer)
  • MS Surface (SILO): Giorgos Papakyriakopoulos and Thanos Karanjias
  • Smart-house (ASTEA): Boyan Sheytanov
  • WebAnywhere (RtF-I): Kasper
  • Sample Social Networkng App [BD]: Xavier Rafael
  • SuperNova (Enlogic): Nikos Demou
  • Mobile Access (Code Factory): Ferran Gállego
  • Allan eC (Omnitor): Christer Ulfsparre
  • Maavis (Open Directive): Steve Lee
  • ReadWrite Gold & SpeechStream (TextHelp): Sam Kirkpatrick


  • Kostas Votis (CERTH, Semantic Framework)
  • Nikos Kaklanis (CERTH, Semantic Framework)
  • Christophe Strobbe (HDM, Matchmaking)
  • Florian Röser (HDM)
  • Jonathan Chachón (TECH)
  • Andrés Iglesias (TECH)

Contacting the Architecture Team

If you have any questions, comments, etc., you can write the architecture mailing list: or use the IRC Channel: #fluid-tech. You can also write directly to Kasper Markus or Boyan Sheytanov.