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LGS v1.0

Github Repository: library-gpii-system

M1 Tracker: LGS M1

LGS v1.0 is the first release of the GPII Library System slated for early November 2014.


We are planning 3 milestones to track our progress towards this release. Each milestone will include one large category of new functionality along with a collection of minor tickets aiming at stability. These major new functional additions are components of the GPII that need development in order to be viable in a real life deployment. Large portions of the GPII are functional and fairly stable, these missing components are what we deem to necessary for the GPII to be made available as a fully installable platform for libraries and other 3rd party users.

Milestone Binaries will be available for download from our LGS project on github.

M1 : June / Crete : Device Reporting

M1 will coincide with the Architecture meet up and and HCII conference in Crete. The major addition we are completing for this release is a live device reporter to detect which solutions are installed on the local machine.

Issue Tracking for this release LGS M1 on issues.gpii.net

This milestone has be been. In regards to stability it is a very early prerelease. With our next milestone (M2), we are planning on inviting development partners to try the download.

M2: September : Current Work

M2 should occur early September, with the largest new portion being end to end functionality for user accounts and security, as well as the system for initiating needs and preferences adjustments with tokens.

Items for this milestone:

  • Initial OAuth support. Given the PMT development schedule, we may have proper authenticated OAuth account setup for the end users.
  • Improved RFID listener with NTAG support
  • Settings restore from System crash/power off

Jira filter for this release is here: http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII/fixforversion/10305

M3: October

M3 is slated for mid to late September. The major component of this release will be end user tooling for getting new users set up with their needs and preferences settings, as well as being able to flash an RFID tag or USB drive with their activation tokens.

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