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Implementation Tiger Team

The purpose of the Imp Tiger Team is to help make as many Assistive Technologies and mainstream products as possible GPII compatible. It also helps to bring new tools into the GPII. In essence, the Tiger Team is a "rapid response team" working on anything that stands between what we have in GPII and what is needed in order to move it from research to reality.

The Tiger Team is open to all and consists of volunteers and paid to members. It is backed up by the entire architecture team and works closely with the Library GPII System project an initial deployment of the GPII.


Current members of the team include:

  • Alfredo Matas <amatas -->
  • Ming Chan Chew (Wayne) <wayne -->
  • Steve Githens <swgithen -->

Volunteers and Ad Hoc Assistance appreciated

  • Any additional volunteers are welcome and ad hoc assistance with any of the active or planned projects is always greatly appreciated.
  • ALSO feel free to nominate other products as Candidates


The team can be reached on these public channels


Currently the focus is on making solutions compatible with the GPII auto personalisation.

This work is being tracked in the Solution Compatibility Roadmap.

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