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This page is part of the preparation for ICCHP 2012.

Implementer preparation:

Name and description of the product

Read&Write Gold

A flexible literacy software solution that helps with reading, writing, studying and research. It's a toolbar at the top of the screen, with built in speech synthesis, text-highlighting, dictionary (including pictures), and more.

Attendee organization name

TextHelp (This example by GPII Architecture Team)

Compatability and environment

  • Internet Explorer (Version 7 or above)
  • Pentium 4 1.8GHz Processor (Recommended: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or greater)
  • 512 MB RAM (Recommended: 1 GB RAM or greater)
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • DVD Player (for install purposes only)
  • Windows XP SP3 or above

Location and Format of settings

The settings are stored in XML format.

The file containing the settings in a local install is found under the appdata folder (defined by the %APPDATA% environment variable):

%APPDATA%\Texthelp Systems\ReadAndWrite\10\RWSettings10.xml",

Starting and closing the application

The installation location is indicated in the system registry under the key: XXXXX/YYYYYY/ZZZZZ

Starting the application is done by launching an exe file:

INSTALL_PATH\Read And Write 10\ReadAndWrite.exe

The default install location (INSTALL PATH) is:

%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Texthelp Systems\Read And Write 10\ReadAndWrite.exe

Where %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% denotes the PROGRAMFILES(x86) environment variable. If the user has chosen a different installation dir during installation, the executable will be located accordingly.

To exit the application, create a file named "RW8Updated.dat" in the systems temp folder - this will shut down the application. The temp folder can be found via the %TEMP% environment variable. So to kill the application, create a file:


Detecting whether the application is running

The only way to check whether the application is currently running is via Windows' built in tools. In Tasklist.exe, the application will be displayed as "ReadAndWrite.exe". Alternatively, the application can be found via it's top level window, which has the name "ReadAndWrite"

Notifying the application of updated settings

No functionality for notifying the application of updated settings has been implemented yet. Currently it is required to shut down the application and start it up again.

Detecting whether application is installed

This can be checked by looking at the registry key indicating installation location. If the key is present, the application is installed - otherwise it's not.

The key to check for can be found in the windows registry at the location: XXXXX/YYYYYY/ZZZZZ