ICCHP Planning (Linz, Austria)

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Several CLOUD4All activities will be taking place at the ICCHP conference in Linz, Austra.

The architecture team will be hosting an implementers workshop and hackathon aimed at efficiently helping SP3 partners make their product compatible with the GPII. This is done through an in-depth presentation of the architecture, a code-along session, and finally 3 days where the architecture team will be available to support and assist implementers during the hackathon.

The first CLOUD4All Pan European Workshop will also be held at ICCHP. The objective of the workshop is to have a discussion amongst stakeholders involved in serving these communities to make Cloud4All products as useful as possible to society. The workshop will introduce the Cloud4All concept, demo results so far and the roadmap going forward. The workshop will offer plenty of time for feedback and discussion

Implementers Workshop and Hackathon

User Workshop

Demo for Plenary Session, Friday

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