Guidelines for Personal Safety

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Considerations for personal safety within P4A - to be adapted to GPII in general

There are several aspects in relation to personal safety that will be taken into account in Prosperity4all:

  • Personal safety for volunteers: there are no foreseen risks posed for volunteers: premises at all pilot sites comply with accessibility and safety regulations and are very well prepared to accommodate disabled people. Prosperity4all does not bring about any injury or other physical related risks, and Prosperity4all testing sites have extensive experience in dealing with volunteers. However it is strongly recommended to all test sites to obtain insurance or indemnity policy in order to be covered for risks.
  • All test sites (all of them being very experienced in testing and interacting with persons with disabilities as previously stated) have accessible premises, adequate for testing with disabled users. Following the considerations of the Prosperity4all procedure, they will provide all documents needed for the trials (i.e. consent forms, questionnaires, etc.) in the suitable format (e.g. symbol supported text, TTS or audio supported documents, supplemented if needed by sign language interpreters, etc.). All pilot sites have video and sound recording facilities that can be deployed during performance testing of the Prosperity4all Pilot.
  • Prosperity4all has been evaluated to present a low risk for side-effects in general. The major identified risk is the risk of invoking unrealistic hopes and expectations for personal benefits in terms of access to new and better assistive technology solutions, and the subsequent risk of disappointment. This is counteracted by very explicit and adequately communicated information about the limitations of such personal benefit and also established in the explanation on the informed consent.