GAHRT (GPII Annotated Hand Raising Tool)

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  • ​What:  
      • Allows users to raise their hands 
        • to help keep meeting orderly
        • to help allow caption users to fully participate in meetings (jumping into brief silences between speakers does not work because of caption delays) 
        • to allow less gregarious people to get in line when they would not jump in
      • Allows hand raisers to add an annotation of what they want to talk about hether they are:  answering a question;   suggesting a resolution; commenting on current topic;  introducing a new topic.   This can help expedite meetings.  
  • Technology:*Server side:   JavaScript and CouchDB
    • Connection:   WebSocket
    • Client Side:   Javascript
  • ToDo
    • Mount System on GPII server
    • Put all preference into GPII compatible form
    • Incorporate some GPII   UI  Access features
    • Do Design work on interface