First-Time-Discovery Tools

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GPII work on developing tools for new users (never used computers before - or no longer can use computers at all) - to DISCOVERY their needs and preferences

These tools are targetted at user's with

  1. No experience with computers.
  2. All levels of accessibility need  from low to High (e.g., little to no useful vision).
  3. Willing to try something that would DIscover what they need
    • working with someone who is accessibility aware and trained (or)
    • accompanied only by a non-accessibility aware companion
      • (many people cannot afford a professional evaluation - and no one will pay for it.)
      • (Also accessibility aware people are not available in all locations)

No context: The tools must assume that nothing is known about this person other than a language they understand.


This is a very common situation with elders.    There is no clinical or other support -- because they are not covered by anything and evaluations are way outside of their affordability.

Often this will happen at a library.

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