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For a definition of "persona", see the glossary. For references about personas, see the list in the Web Design References at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Note: This page was originally created in the context of Cloud4all's Smart House Online Simulation activity, but it can be useful for other activities as well.

GPII Personas

These persons were created for demos at WSIS (April 2012) and the first project review (June 2012).

  • Omar - Elderly Person – in SUDAN - Omar/ 50-years old / Sudanese farmer / does not use computers / cannot read
  • Timothy - Low Vision [Enlarged Text] - Timothy/ 55-years old / businessman / has low vision
  • Nisha - Physical Disability - Nisha / 18-years old / student / has quadriplegia / uses headpointing and on-screen keyboard
  • Elaine - Elderly person US - Elaine/ 85-years old / grandmother / does not use computers
  • Carla (and carla_24751) - Very Low Vision [Magnifier] - Carla/ 30-years old / software developer/ has very low vision
  • Andrei - Blind [Screen reader] - Andrei / 28-years old / lawyer / is blind
  • Tim - Cognitive, language, and learning disabilities (Touch and read, read and highlight - different low contrast colors ??????) - Tim/ 12-years old / student / has a learning disability
  • Chun - Deaf/HoH [Captions/Transcript] - Chun/ 19-years old / university freshman / is deaf since age 4

The following AEGIS personas (see below) also have a preference set on the GPII Preferences Server:

Personas created in the Prosperity4all project: Developer Space Repository/Personas.

Personas from other projects

Note: Some of the AEGIS personas are quite similar to some of the GPII personas; see this e-mail from April 2012.

Personas and Impairments or Needs

Source; Impairments or Needs Blind Colour vision deficiency Needing magnification Other vision issues Deaf Slight/moderate hearing loss Slight dexterity problems Moderate dexterity problems Severe motor problems Slight cognitive limitation Moderate/severe cognitive limitation Aphasia Stuttering and dysarthria ADHD Does not use computers Cannot read
GPII Persona
Timothy (low vision); Carla (very low vision)
Nisha (headpointing and on-screen keyboard)
Elaine (85 years) Omar (Sudanese farmer)
AEGIS Persona Paulina Reyes Nitesh Sarin Märta Hansson Tomasa Almaraz Edward Hodgins/Emma Karlson Ramin El-Fassi Caroline Combs/Peter Vandezande Jane Brown/Mikel Vargas Adam Ljung/Peter Vandezande Wayne Edwards Carlos Portillo/Wayne Edwards Emma Karlson/Jane Brown
ACCESSIBLE Persona Kathleen de Munck (also has extreme light sensitivity) Maurice Nalobaka (night blindness); David Burt (peripheral vision loss) Magda Paskimada Magda Paskimada (also uses AAC) (Matthew Perkins: Down syndrome) Andy Catteeuw
Fluid Project Sarah Windsor Christy Gonzola (very low vision; also uses TTS and keyboard)
Just Ask Roger Thompson (also has slight tremor in right hand) Kim Callahan (student; Alport Syndrome)
Jasig wiki Brent Blindman Clark Colorblind (protanopia) Melissa Motorimpaired (also uses voice recognition software)
project x
project y

Other personas not included in the table:

From the ACCESSIBLE project:

Personas for AAL:

Personas for inclusive design:

Other personas:

See also: