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1.1                Transaction Details

The aim of this document is to present possible Payment systems used in different Business Models. The list of the Business models is given in P4A-D101.2. The focus of my task is to explore the payment systems in these business models and to highlight their main features.  The following information is required for Payment Systems of each Business Model.


Detail in the Wiki – link

Goal is to provide detail and examples for each of the transaction approaches.



Transaction Process of Business Models


The document highlights the different steps of transactions method implemented in the given model and different transaction issues in each model.



Transaction Process





Flattr (

Step 1: Choose the desired language to process the transaction in.


Step 2: After getting login, the user need to choose the option from either he/she is creator or want to support (give money) to writers, musicians etc. Choose the option “I want to support”.


Step 3:  The process to faltter the content will be shown.


Step 4: Choose the connection.


Step 5: Choose monthly budget


Step 6: Choose Payment Options


Step 7: Add amount into account to pay.


1.      Multi language options can be chosen when processing transaction.

2.      The user need to signup for processing the traction and can signup using facebook, twitter identity or by filling an online form.

3.      The information entered by the users for transaction is secured by Norten.

4.      After processing transaction an email will be sent to you user as a confirmation.

5.      Make the payment accessible to all users as processing transaction through Skrill, Nordea, and different cards.


1.      Does not allow users to process transaction using Paypal.

2.      Does not use SSL encryption for securing payment process.


Apple App Store

Step 1: Login with your account and choose the item to buy.

Step 2: Check out the item.


Step 3: Provide Shipping address and proceed to next for payment.



1.      The user need to register for processing transaction.

2.      When a user place an order, Apple will contact your credit or debit card's issuing bank to confirm it is a valid account.

3.      Apple accepts different payment methods. For example, Credit Cards or Debit Cards, PayPal, Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards, PayPal Credit, Apple Business Lease (AFS Commercial Credit), Apple Store Gift Card.

4.      Sent a confirmation email to user.

5.      All web pages where you can view or change your Apple ID utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your privacy.


It does not allow to register from other account. For example, Facebook or Twitter etc.


Step 1: Sign in to your AdWords account at 

Step 2: Choose Billing.

Step 3: Choose the country or territory of your billing address as well as your preferred time zone. Click Continue.

Step 4: Choose your payment method and enter your billing information. Click Continue.

Step 5: Agree to the AdWords terms and conditions.

Step 6: Click Save and Activate.


1.      The user can view the list of billing details (Current & Previous) by login into the account.

2.      The user must get login to process the transaction.

3.      SSL certificate added to chrome browser to add security for payments.

4.      The user can pay using Bank account (also known as direct debit) with this payment method, Google deducts payments for AdWords from your bank account.

5.      Other methods are Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Funds Transfer, Backup Credit Cards.

1.      The user need to create a gmail account and does not allow to get login from other identities such facebook, twitter.





Not found on website



Subscriptions Model



·         Step 1: Get register on website to process the transaction.

·         Step 2: The next step after getting registered into Spotify is about payment. Spotify deals with different payment options.


·         If user clicks the option “another  payment method”, he/she will get different options to pay their dues. For example, Credit Card, Payscale Card, PayPal or if you have gift voucher(code is given to users as bonus) sent by Spotify to user.



·         After making the payment, the user get the subscription for 30 days. Now, The user needs to download the the Spotify setup and will get login on it to enjoy the music online.


1.      The user must get register for processing transaction.

2.      The SSL certification is used in order to meet the security standards.

3.      Spotify does not store any credit card information of user.




·         Step 1: The first step to use the program is to sign up. As the user clicks on the sign up option, subscription packages would be displayed and user have to use one in order to process further.

·         Step 2: After choosing a package, the system will ask you to enter an email address and password. Now the system will bring you on payment options.


·         Step 3: Once you have signed up and get the payment option webpage, you will be asked to choose the mode of payment. [[File:]]


1.      The user need to register for processing transaction.

2.      Netflix has Secure Sockets Layering to encrypt the information and to certain a secured way of your information to their users.

3.      The Netflix provides you two (2) modes of payment. The one is Credit card using Visa, MasterCard and Amex and the second is PayPal.


Communities Model



Not found on website.







·         Step 1: Get Register on website.

·         Step 2: Choose plan and Design your Ad

·         Step 3: Pay the amount


·         If a user going to buy an Art

o   [[File:]]Then Get login and Add art to cart

o   Varify amount and Payment mode

The user can pay using the Card  (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover), Paypal and Earned Point.


o   Confirm Shopping Address

o   Select Shipping Method and Place your Order.


1.      A confirmation email will be sent to user after processing transaction.

2.      The user can pay using Card and Paypal.

No security protocol has been defined to process the transaction.


Amazon S3


·         Step 1: To use Amazon S3, you need an AWS account. If you don't already have one, you'll be prompted to create one when you sign up for Amazon S3.


·         Step 2: After Filling the online form to get the Amzon S3 user id. The user will be asked to provide the contact information using the Amazon id.

·         Step 3: After having the Amazon S3 account provide contact information.



·         Step 4: Payment Information



1.      A confirmation email is sent to user.

2.      Transaction Security

·         You can upload/download your data to Amazon S3 via SSL-encrypted endpoints. 

·         SSE with Amazon S3 Key Management (SSE-S3): With SSE-S3, Amazon S3 will encrypt your data at rest and manage the encryption keys for you.

·         SSE with Customer-Provided Keys (SSE-C): With SSE-C, Amazon S3 will encrypt your data at rest using the custom encryption keys that you provide.

·         SSE with AWS KMS (SSE-KMS): With SSE-KMS, Amazon S3 will encrypt your data at rest using keys that you manage in the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). 




HBO on-demand


Same what Apple Store has because all the transactions are processed through Apple store.





·         Step 1: The user need to fill the form for registration and confirms email after registration.



·         Step 2: Choose the book you want to purachse and add it to cart.


·         Step 3: Checkout


·         Step 4: Shipping Address


·         Step 5: Delivery Option


·         Step 6: Payment (Credit/Debit, Paypal,)


·         Step 7: Review and place the order.


1.      The amount is charged after tax deduction. This information was shown to users while processing the transaction.

2.      “ComodoSecure” service is used to make transaction secure. For the security of Card.

3.      The user will receive a confirmation information of purchased item.


Merchants and e-shop

·         Step 1: The online form is available to be filled to get sign up.


The user can sign up using email id or mobile number.

·         When the user choose the option “I am a customer” the following forms is given to user to be filled.


·         Step 2: choose the item and add to Cart. Precede the transaction with Checkout.

·         Step 3: Provide billing address.


·         Step 4: Choose continue and process the transaction.


·         Step 5: Choose payment method.


·         Step 6: Continue to process the payment and place the order.

1.      User can view the exchange rate used on an order on check out.

2.      The transaction can be processed using Credit card, Debit Card and Bank account, amazon card etc.

3.      The user gets confirmation email for purchased item.





·         Step 1: The user need to signup to process the transaction.


·         Step 2: Choose the item to buy and put it to the Cart to precede to checkout.

·         Step 3: Choose the Billing address.

·         Step 4:Choose the payment method


·         Step 5: Verify and submit the order

Step 6: At the end user get the confirmation and confirm the order he/she made.

  1. Norton Secured Payment Transaction are made.
  2. The user can sign up by choosing any following method.

o   Filling an online form

o   Using google plus account.

o   Using Facebook account.

o   Using twitter account

o   Using linkedin account

  1. A transaction confirmation email is sent to user.





  1. Step 1: The user can signup after processing the payment



  1. Step 2: Configure Domain


  1. Step 3: Choose payment method


  1. Step 4: Process transaction



A confirmation email is sent to user for the made transactions.

1.      Transaction can be processed from the Card only.

2.      The  Signup process include the transaction process in it.


| style="width:116px;" | Pricerunner

| style="width:444px;" | 5.      [[File:]]Step 1: Sign up to process the transaction.

  1. Step 2: Choose item to buy
  2. Step 3:Add to cart


·         Step 4: Checkout the Item



| style="width:189px;" |

  1. The user can signup by filling an online account and also using facebook identity.
  2. A confirmation email is sent to user of the processed transaction.


| style="width:134px;" | 1.      Pay by invoice only.

|- | style="width:137px;" | Freemium

| style="width:116px;" | Dropbox


| style="width:444px;" | 8.      Step 1: The user need to get sign up.


·         Step 1: After getting signup into the dropbox the user can process further by choosing his/her package plan and Payment mode.


| style="width:189px;" | 1.      Secure Payment

·         Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption

·         For two step verification, the user can either scan a barcode or can receive the key as shown in the following Figure.


[[File:|Scan a barcode or enter a code manually]]

2.      The accepted Payment methods are Credit Card, Paypal and via reuesting Invoice.

3.      A confirmation email is sent to user after processing the transaction.

| style="width:134px;" | The user cannot sign up using other account such as facebook or twitter.

|- | style="width:137px;" |


| style="width:116px;" | Skype


| style="width:444px;" | ·         The user can Signup using three different options. For example, using Microsoft account, Facebook account or by filling the online form for registration.

·         Step 1: Online Form is shown below.


·         The user goes through following steps to get Skype Credit.

·         Step 2: Choose the amount




·         Step 3: Fill the form for billing address.



·         Step 4: ChoosePayment method. For example, Credit card, PayPal, Nordea, Skrill, One-off bank transfer, Playspan, Ukash.



| style="width:189px;" |

  1. In order to maintain the password security, the users’ passwords are stored as a non-reversible hash.
  2. In oder to avoid falsifying  user identity, it uses public-key cryptography with signed digital credentials to authenticate users.

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" | Crowsourcing and crowdfunding


| style="width:116px;" | Wikipedia

| style="width:444px;" | ·         Step 1: The user can signup by filling an online form.

·         Step 2: Process the payment.


| style="width:189px;" |  

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" |


| style="width:116px;" | Innocentive


| style="width:444px;" | Could not find their website because the user need to complete the project first to make the transaction.

| style="width:189px;" |  

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" |


| style="width:116px;" | Kickstarter


| style="width:444px;" | Not found.

| style="width:189px;" |  

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" | Open Business Model


| style="width:116px;" | Tesla Motors

| style="width:444px;" | ·         Step 1: Get Register by filling an online form.

·         Step 2: Order the Product.



·         In order to place an order the user need to fill the form which is same what we had for creating account.



| style="width:189px;" | 1.      The “Security Policy” is shown to user when he/she chooses the payment method(Visa, Checking Account Debit)

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" | Barter

| style="width:116px;" |


| style="width:444px;" | Could not find.

| style="width:189px;" |  

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" | Prosumerism


| style="width:116px;" | Makerbot

| style="width:444px;" | Creating account is optional for processing the donation.

Step 1: The User can donate using BitCoins, Card and Paypal.



Step 2: Enter amount and Add to cart


Step 3: Checkout the transaction and provide detail.


·         Step 4: Choose Payment mode and pay the amount.



| style="width:189px;" |

  1. Registering account is optional here.
  2. The user can pay using BitCoin mode of payment.

| style="width:134px;" |  

|- | style="width:137px;" |


| style="width:116px;" | amara

| style="width:444px;" | Could not find.

| style="width:189px;" |  

| style="width:134px;" |